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QUEST FOR CLOAK: You start this quest from NPC Olf Adams in Rune. There are 3 quests for zaken,tezza and freya soul cloak. You can take the one for zaken and for freya cause till today the one for tezza does not work, or we do not have found the way to make it work. The cloaks that the quest give are much more better than the cloaks that these rb drop.

NOBLESS QUEST: Here nobless quest is much more easier than previous chronicles. The big differences are that q items have bigger rate to be dropped from q mobs and at the end you choose either to kill Barakiel or kill 100 quest mobs(by my oppinion much more faster) and you do not need hellfire oil and lunargents. PAY ATENTION: Malruk succubus hunting place has changed. Open map, find Antharas fortress and you can find malruk succubus under fortress in the map, and the 100 q mobs to end the q you can find in valley of saints. Open again the map and target the eagles head they are on the right and close to the way that goes circle Valley Of Saints.

ENHANCE YOUR WEAPON: You start this quest from the priest in Giran-Magic Guild and with this quest you can xp your soul cry to add special ability to your weapon. The priest will give you a soul cry lvl0. Delete it, go to trader and buy 50 cry B and 150 cry C, then go to luxury in giran and buy soul cry lvl 10. WATCH OUT: You can have only one soul cry on your inventory to lvl him up!


-lvl 10-11 and 11-12 Zaken daytime easy. You need 9 61-64 lvl chars to enter and zaken is so easy like killing a champion mob, you do not need bishop!!
-lvl 10-11,11-12,12-13,13-14 The twin rbs in Seed of Infinity. In order to kill them, keep them inside the circle they spawn and the after killing the one rb you have 10 sec to kill the other cause the one you killed will spawn again full life. So low them together Wink
-lvl 13-14,14-15,15-16 Scarlet Van Halisha, Freya easy(clan organizes this)
-lvl 14-15 Glakias from Freya hard(clan organizes this)
-lvl 16-17 Freya hard (clan organizes this)

Don't Know, Don't Care: Quest for bews/beas vorpal parts and other,_Don%27t_Care

Legendary Tales:
Quest that gives you one vesper weapon of your choice
(To spawn the rbs that the q wants you have first to hunt all the mobs in antharas cave and take large dragon bones. you can summon 1 rb with one large dragon bone.

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choose what suits u better (spartakos ./.)

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It's pretty simple:
Red:100% chance to increase the SC level (all pt members);
Orange:Random chance to increase between 0 and 9 SCs;
Green:Randomly levels the SC of 1 pt member.

Note:New Zaken(83) levels SC lvl 13 to 17 for only 1 member of the pt.



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