Valakas Killing

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Valakas Killing

Post  Thwmas Spartakos on Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:17 am

Valakas and Antharas are the only rbs on server that drop top s84 weapons, antharas is easy enough to kill but valakas is much more tougher.
Valakas has great resist to melee attacks so daggers/tyrants/titans etc cause him little dmg. Last time we managed to kill him in about 5-6 hours with chars like these, believe it is was to tedious.
So in case to kill it fast and easy all must have an alt char SPELLSINGER, with at least moirai armor/weapon cause Valakas has weakness on mage water attacks. We need an alt char cause the main ones will be there to make pvp with each enemies. So main chars--PvP, Alt spellsingers-Toons to kill Valakas. If you can not play 2 boxes add a mage subclass on your main char(if you have taken certidicate it will not be removed by canceling the subclass and adding a new one) like spellhowler or necro but with vesper items cause these mages can kill some enemies during pvps.

PostScript: I have alt char with vesper armor/weap... Cool
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